Schluter®-TREP-S 1,5m
  • Schluter®-TREP-S 1,5m

    Артикул: 364215328625191

    Schluter®-TREP-SE, TREP-S and TREP-B are designed to protect tiled stair edges and provide an easily visible, slip-resistant wear surface for durable, safe, and visually appealing stair-nosing design.

    • Prevents tile edges on stairs from chipping
    • Ensures a slip-resistant wear surface
    • Features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg made of stainless steel (-SE) or aluminum (-S and –B) with a slip-resistant, thermoplastic rubber wear surface
    • Ideal for offices, shopping malls, and other public areas
    • Designed with a colored tread surface, which can be replaced in case of damage or wear (various colors available)
    • Designed for areas exposed to heavy foot traffic
    • End caps available
    • Available in brushed stainless steel (-SE) or aluminum (-S or –B)
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